What to do in Pseattle

Here you will find all sorts of interesting things you can do in Pseattle before or after the convention or when you have free time. Pseattle is reasonably walkable in the downtown area, although travelling from the West (the Puget Sound) towards the East, one can find the hill steep and daunting.

Travelling further afield, one can take the unfortunately named South Lake Union Trolley to a maritime museum, the Monorail to the Pseattle Center, or Link Light Rail to the Airport. You can also use Metro Transit buses to find your way to the the Arboretum on Lake Washington.

Then, there are interesting sites farther away that may require a rental car. But hey, you’ve come all this way, so why not head towards the Cascades to see Snoqualmie Falls, Mount Rainier, or South towards Portland and stop by Mount Saint Helens, our neighborhood active volcano. In nearby Tacoma, you can stop by The Museum of Glass, The Washington History Museum, and the LeMay Automobile Museum.

Don’t forget the ferry system, you can walk on for a lovely trip across Puget Sound, and back to Seattle. Time it to come back as evening falls, and you might get incredible sunset views to the west and Seattle lights twinkling at you as you return!

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