Costuming & crafting supplies

Costuming & crafting supply stores

So, we’re hosting this event on Halloween weekend – which means you’re going to be seeing major crowds at the costume stores. Go as early in the day as possible, and call ahead to make sure they have what you want.

Be aware that the Rummage sale will have a selection of pearl necklaces, costume jewelry, hats (male & female), ties, boas, headbands, and other accessories.

Please note there is a plastic bag restriction in Seattle, and if you need a bag and don’t have a reusable bag already, you may be charged 5 cents for a paper bag.

If you have a very specific need and are not sure about locating the item, please contact Psusan at and she can direct you to your best source.

Closest to downtown Seattle:
Long-time Seattle fixture, not exactly high quality but has the usual items. If you have good walking shoes, might be in walking distance if you’re not pressed for time. Bus lines do go past the store, check the Metro bus page for best times & routes from your location.

Best selection:
Display is a drive or bus ride away, it’s up north near Northgate Mall – but a few block east & up one block. You could walk from the transit center at Northgate, if you are a good walker and not buying anything too bulky. The store has not only costumes, but also sewing & craft supplies so you can make what you need.

Vintage costumes:
Call ahead to confirm hours/availability. Real period pieces for rent. Bus/drive from hotel. Not as far as Display, but less accessible.

Costume jewelry only:
Rhinestone Rosie is a fantastic store, if you want to invest in some great costume jewelry. This is the good stuff, so be aware of your budget. Call ahead to confirm hours & availability. Easy bus ride from the hotel.
Isadora sells in-person and online. Another great source, also high quality so budget wary! Call ahread to confirm hours. Walk/bus from hotel (remember, hills!)

Art store:
Located in Capital Hill neighborhood, this is a bus ride away.

Fabric/sewing/craft store:
Pacific Fabrics is another long-time Seattle company. The “SoDo” (South of the King Dome) location is well known for giant bolts of hard to find fabrics, but it also now has the usual notions & sewing accessories.

There are a scattering of pop-up costume stores which have been difficult to pinpoint, as they open & close frequently. We’ll keep our eyes open for any opening within range of the hotel as the Convention nears. There are also a wide range of thrift & vintage stores in Seattle where one could get creative.

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