Get in the Seattle mood with these TV shows

Wondering what it’s like to live in Seattle?  Well, you can get a taste of what Hollywood thinks it’s like, by watching some of these shows or movies, and get in the mood for the Psmith in Pseattle Convention in 2015!

Of course, any listing of Seattle tv shows must start with the famous “Frasier”.

You can watch “Frasier” online on –

The most common question I was asked when traveling England a few years ago was “Have you been to Frasier’s apartment?” Alas, no building exists that has the view from Frasier’s apartment. You can see a similar view by going to Kerry Park, a popular photography spot for views of downtown Seattle.

An artist has drawn a floor plan of Frasier’s apartment (and many other sets):

Here’s a discussion of the apartment:

And from Ken Levine, one of the Frasier writers, is an article about the apartment:
Ken’s blog has many entries about the Frasier show, quite good reading.

Frasier and his brother Niles spent a lot of time in Cafe’ Nervosa, a coffee shop that also doesn’t exist in Seattle. There are many claims as to which cafe in which city was used as a basis for Nervosa, but no definitive answer from the set designers that I have found. While you’re here you can try many of our cafes in Seattle to see which one YOU think is the inspiration!

The most frequent claim was that Elliott Bay Bookstore cafe was the inspiration. The store has moved, though, and the cafe no longer exists. Here’s one person’s exploration a few years ago:

For further research on living in Seattle, here is a list of tv shows set in Seattle. Have fun watching!


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